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Musician. Pianist. Teacher.

Live recording of Schumann/Liszt 'Widmung' at British Embassy in Vienna, April 2018.


I am a musician, pianist, teacher, and event organiser, with a delight in sharing music with the widest audience possible. My music is rooted in a strong conservatoire education, in both Germany and England. Whilst remaining active in the classical tradition, I have strong interests in innovative events and formats. 

Mozart Piano Concerto no.25

14th October 2023   I    St. Mary's Church, The Lacemarket, Nottingham

Music by Mozart performed by the Orchestra of the Restoration with soloists Robert Parker and Beate Tokya.
Oct 14 Mozart Nottingham.jpg

Beethoven Piano Concerto No.1

23rd Oct 2021   I    St. Mary's Church, The Lacemarket, Nottingham

Oct 23 Beethoven 1 in Nottingham.jpg
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