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Bach 4 pics.jpg
Bach 4 pics.jpg


As part of her work with the Piano Teacher's Course (PTC), Beate has teamed up with the Online Academy to create a new project 'Step into ‘The 48’, where she introduces and performs each of the 48 preludes & fugues of JS Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier.


Three hundred years after their first publication, the 48 preludes & fugues are as important, fascinating and demanding as ever - every aspiring pianist should know at least a few!


Beate Toyka discusses and plays each of the works, giving insider tips on interpretation and technique starting with the easier works and ending with the most difficult. 

Click on the picture above to find out more!

Beate has been teaching for over 30 years from beginners right up to advanced players. She completed her Teacher's Training BA in Music at Cologne Conservatoire and has been inspiring students ever since.
Currently, Beate is Principal Tutor at the Piano Teacher's Course (PTC UK) in the Purcell School, London. She also teaches privately and at Trent College, Nottingham, and has led at multiple summer music camps.
Evania, Dabinn and Hannah, three of Beate's students, play ABBA's energetic 'Mamma Mia' as a trio, six hands on one piano. This was the winning number in the ensemble category at Derby Arts Festival 2018!
For Piano ​Teachers-EPTA Summer Conference Nottingham 2016
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