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I am a musician, pianist, teacher, and event organiser, with a delight in sharing music with the widest audience possible. My music is rooted in a strong conservatoire education, in both Germany and England. Whilst remaining active in the classical tradition, I have strong interests in innovative events and formats. 

Beate Toyka was born in Germany, to a family in which music and internationalism were a way of life. Trained in Cologne Conservatoire she went on to the Royal Academy of Music to study with Hamish Milne. While there she won the Leslie England prize for interpretation and was accepted by the AVANTI concert agency for outstanding young musicians. Moving to Cambridge, she travelled to destinations across Europe, both as soloist as well as in chamber music ensembles. She also taught for Cambridge University.


Leaving Cambridge, Beate lived for seven years in Botswana, Southern Africa. From there she played concerts in most surrounding countries - Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and South Africa, and was broadcast on Radio Botswana. Whilst keeping true to her classical roots she also responded to the influence of other sounds around her. She joined forces with marimba players, local dancers and choirs and arranged Tswana folk songs for piano.


Beate now lives in Derbyshire, England. She performs extensively, in solo recital, as concerto soloist, and as accompanist. For the past five years she has had a close association with the Derby Chamber and Concert Orchestras, and their conductor Jonathan Trout, with whom she has explored and performed many of the greats in the piano concerto repertoire; from Mozart through Beethoven to Brahms and Grieg. Beate is a great enthusiast for chamber and ensemble music. She formed the Derby Piano Quartet, four pianists playing music in combinations from 1 to 8 hands. Beate is principal tutor for the PTC UK, Piano Teachers Course UK. This is the only course in the UK which tutors students to a high standard of piano teaching.

Beate is a sought-after teacher, accompanist and adjudicator. 

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